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Friday, February 03, 2006

When Decanter is mistaken.

The Decanter Review has its followers and good prestige in the world of the wine. Nevertheless, in Chile many were surprised when they read in that several chileans wines warehouses were sanctioned for infringing dispositions for waters contaminads.

A hurried civil employee, of the Supervision of Sanitary Security of Chile, declared that wine companies would be sanctioned. This finally didn't happen.

Decanter, nevertheless gave account of the fact as, if indeed, thesanction had happened declaring which wines warehouses were sanctioned andin addition, it stated fines for u$s 70.000 to each company..

The companies affected by this article of Decanter found that the author of the error was a free lance journalist, named Jimmy Langman, who lives in Chile and seems that he doesn't dominate well the Castilian language.

Jimmy did not want to rectify himself, in spite of the tests that the companies presented (see the note here).

Now the subject will enter the judicial field by a demand of damages.

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