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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Argentinians consumed in May 2,55 liters for inhabitant

Better results that in April the producers of wine obtained on the internal Argentine market.

In agreement to statistical information delivered by the INV (Vitivinicultura's National Institute) of Argentina, the consumption of wine for inhabitant reached in May the quantity of 2,55 liters, relying on the general population of the country.

If one was counting only the major ones of 18 years, this number would rise up to 3,84 liters. This indicates an increase of 7,66 per cent with regard to the same month of the year 2005.

While, the wines liberated to the consumption in this May, always according to numbers delivered by the INV, added the 967.503 hl., that represents an increase of 8,9 % with regard to the same month of the year 2005 and 12,79 more % with regard to last month April.

The origin of these wines they were in the main from the province of Mendoza, followed by the province of San Juan.

This increase is justified by the campaign of advertising that is realized at present in the Argentina to increase the internal consumption.

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