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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Carmenere wants to be the variety standard in Chile.

In the world carmenere Chilean is almost exclusive. This because after the tremendous attack that the phylloxera inflicted to the vineyards of America and Europe, it caused that this variety disappeared of world wide wines.

Accidentally it was discovered in Chile that carmenere survived, almost as unique case in the world. From that moment it was transformed into an emblematic variety of the Chilean grape growing.

The 11 of November Aid was sent in Santiago of Chile 1er the International of the Carmenere 2006 that will be made within a year. "We try to mark national and internationally the quality and the attractive enológico of the cepaje Carmenere, that found in Chile his to terroir par excellence", say the organizers.

To who intrese to him, the data to contact itself are down.

Klaus Schröder Baasch President of Asoc. Nac. de Ing. Enólogos A.G. (Chile) - Fono 56–75–471034 - Fax 56 –75 –471118 E-mail:

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