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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The Che Guevara in the tourist route of the wine

The Che Guevara never imagines surely that its name would serve like the tourist attraction. Of its death in the Higueras (Bolivia), in 1967, at the hands of the Bolivian soldiers and the agents of the CIA, the name of the revolutionary soldier acquired the condition of the myth and million people of in the world began to follow their life in writings and articles.

The fact happened in one of the poor zones of the country of the greater poverty of Latin America: Bolivia (to the north of Chile and Argentina.

The fact is that the reputation of the Che concludes to transform into cult goal the place of its sacrifice. Today, ten municipalities of the bolivian suroriental face have a plan of the tourist attraction that offers the union of the route of the wine and the route of Che to develop the region.

Thus, an incredible parabola of history satisfies the intimate desires of the revolutionary of Argentina (Ricardo E. Brizuela)

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