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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Diageo Chile sponsors a program to train waiters and waitresses

This initiative, which comes from Diageo – one of the most important multinationals in the elaboration and distribution of alcoholic drinks – will take place in Santiago de Chile. It aims at unemployed young people with limited economic resources, who are trained for free in order to place them in the job market and prepare them for a profession linked to the field of gastronomy

In the year 2007, 17 youths were trained, who are already working in bars, hotels and pubs.

"We take care of finding places for our graduates to practice, and we also work with them. This year 30 people have already registered for the training program. We are focused on professionalizing the Bartender Career so that our graduates have an extra tool to acquire work proficiency in the tourism and entertainment industry. The challenge for the coming years is to get younger people to participate in this initiative, and that it be considered a social program supported by the state,” says Chistophe Beau, commercial manager of Diageo Chile.

The training program, which starts on July 14 and lasts 4 months, enables students to study English and learn about cocktails preparation and serving, customer service and conflict handling, hygiene and food manipulation; and they are specially instructed in the responsible intake of alcohol.

Unlike last year, INCAP Training has prepared a curricular mesh so that students can take courses on enology, drinks preparation and presentation, and techniques on how to handle bottles in a bar. Another difference with respect to last year is that the exigency level in English was raised. The requisites to have access to this training program include: being an unemployed young adult with limited economic resources and have the fourth secondary school year completed.

"This initiative give students the opportunity to improve their quality of life and have better opportunities in the job market,” says Hernán Larraín, commercial manager of INACAP Training.

INACAP, the Technological University of Chile, is a well-known Technical Training Organism (OTEC) that uses the benefits offered by the Chilean State to promote formation programs, with funds that come from 1% deductible from company taxes.

The Chilean Republic has become a main protagonist in the generation of social changes. This is achieved through encouraging the development and acquisition of new knowledge, in order to improve the quality of life.


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